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 Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Proverbs 6:6

New York Safe Gun Law "Fraud"


We filed our common-law-suit in the New York State Supreme Court, County of Albany - against New York State demanding "ALL OF OUR GUN RIGHTS".

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If you want to sign up as a plaintiff we will be adding people on through MARCH 28th 2013.


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The difference between a civil lawsuit and a common law suit is as follows:

Civil Law Case Common Law Case
Argued on statutes (aka [fake] law) Argued on Constitutions (Law of the land)
Argued by Bar approved Lawyers Argued by People
Lawyers will plead in legalese People will plead with plain language
Lawyers will make back room deals People will not go to the back room
Will argue the "New York save act" We will argue all gun laws incl. permits,
we want all our rights
Constitutional arguments are restricted We will produce arguments that the
state cannot possibly defend against
  We will quote our founding fathers
Our papers will be historic, patriotic
and constitutional
  We will expose the fraud of statutes call
Standing under the constitution, 14th amendment Standing above the constitution, we the
  We will bluntly argue the history of the
of the 20th century of all the nations
disarmed after which genocide
The status quo Judge will decide Our case will be a court of record, whereas
the people will decide the outcome of the case.
  We will say bold things that lawyers never will.
  Lawyers for the state will be dumb-
founded by our statements and positions.
  We will make positions that for the
to go against they would need
to reject
Thomas Jefferson, George
John Adams, James
Madison, George Mason, Patrick
Henry, Thomas Paine,
Samuel Adams,
Richard Henry Lee,
Trench Coxe, Noah
Webster, John Locke,
48 State, Constitutions, US
Declaration of
Independence, Magna Carta,
People, Such a
contrast will expose
the Marxists/Fascist positions
that the
state holds,and we will make it
clear that
the people is the last step to
dictatorship, and the people simply
will not comply.
  We will not ask for our "unalienable right"
to be armed, we will demand it, and defy any who resists us.
  In short, we will not "tip toe" around
the issues we will plow right through them.




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