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Please take the time to read this your liberty hangs in the balance.

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"We the People" argued our 2011 case against the State before the Appellate court on 1-7-12, to force the State to simply "OBEY THE LAW"! To hear our Monday night call discussing the case click on episode #6 on Liberty Alliance to your left.



To read our 2011 case - click here -, our 2012 Court of Record case is posted below.


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On Thursday 7-26-12 we filed a new complaint against the NYSBOE for refusing to obey the law and allow the people control of their political system. Instead the NYSBOE remains the gate keeper for the two major anti-American political parties.

This new case is being tried in a "Court of Record" which is a Common Law Court for more information click here: We expect this case to move on a fast track because we are filing during an election it is likely that we will have a ruling on this case before our other case that was filed last year and is now before the Appellate Court.

To read our Appellate Brief Click Here.

We will be posting the case below in chronological order as the pleadings progress.

7-26-12 Lawsuit Filed in Court of Record against NYSBOE

8-7-12 Pre trial Conference to be held at 1 PM in Room 427, open to the public. You should arrive at lease 1/2 hour early.

Press Release - announcing 8-7-12 Pre trial Conference

• 08-13-12 Writ of Error - correcting Judge Teresi

• 08-14-12 Motion to Dismiss from NYSBOE

• 08-14-12 Law - motion to dismiss from NYSBOE

• 08-14-12 Affirmation from NYSBOE

• 08-17-12 Answer to Motion to Dismiss

• 08-27-12 Court Decision on Motion

• 09-28-12 Inferior Court Illegal Order

• 09-04-12 Contempt of Court by Magistrate

• 09-05-12 Inferior Court response

• 09-12-12 Petition for Writ of Mandamus

• 09-20-12 Motion to Dismiss Petition for Writ of Mandamus

• 09-27-12 Answer to Motion to Dismiss Petition for Writ of Mandamus

• 10-02-12 Memorandum at Law

• 10-18-12 Appellate Court Decision & Order

• 10-27-12 Judge Teresi's Appellate Brief

• 10-29-12 Answer to Judge Teresi's Brief

- more to come soon -


To read the first lawsuit filed 11-16-11 now in appeal CLICK HERE

Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding and should, therefore, be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense. Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subtleties which may make anything mean everything or nothing at pleasure”     Thomas Jefferson

In order to better understand our position you must first understand that there are two committeeman positions.

  1. The first is the "Committeeman" who is elected to a party office by the people at the Primary Election within each election district.
  2. The Second is the "Town Committeeman" who is nominated at a caucus or the Primary Election.

The "Town Committeeman" is a member of a sub committee that was created by the "County committee" and therefore can be dismissed by the "County Committee". The "town committeeman" is at best an advisory board and has no authority at all. The authority and rules for the creation of the "town committeeman" is found in Article 2 of the NYS 2010 election law. The creation of the "town committeeman" is hidden in legalese, which is the language created for lawyers in order to advance the progressive agenda".

If you have any questions you can click on our FAQ link on the left and email us your question and we will answer as soon as possible. Read the Q&A already posted to see if your question has already been posted and answered. Please be patient because we are very busy and short on help.


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  1. Legalese - on the nomination of "Member of the County Committee"
  2. Committeeman Flow chart, Exhibit B
  3. Washington's "Farewell Address" keep in mind as you read that President Washington is talking about the committeeman process and how it will be taken over by Associations.
  4. The Norman Dodd Interview we have both the Video [see below] and the Written Transcript. This is the missing piece of history that helps us make sense of what's going on in Washington and Albany today.
  5. The Norman Dodd Report to the Reese Committee.




The progressives are good
at creating straw-men.


More to come soon ...