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 Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Proverbs 6:6


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"If people expect to be ignorant and free, they expect
what never was and never will be
". - Thomas Jefferson



Voluntary Servitude by Deception



Here's the problem, America is a mess ... it has been taken over by parasites who have the controls and we are heading full speed towards a cliff. Someone has got to do something, so we by the mercy of God have discovered their Achilles' heel and this site is our plan.

We need help, but in order for people to help us they need to understand what we are doing and figure out what they need to do. That's why we created this group to educate people so that we can save the Republic.

We are very close to the cliff and there is a point of no return. America is very close to that point. So if you would like to help, get knowledge here and click the join button above.

I have been in the Liberty movement since 1999, and I thought I understood the meaning of political Liberty, and it wasn't till about one year ago that I had an epiphany and realized what Liberty really is, and that understanding is becoming more and more refined every day, so by that witness I can say that I have met few people who truly understand, because the people who run this country have hidden that knowledge from view, we need to remove it from under the bushel and set it back up on the hill, so it can light the path of America again.

Liberty is defined by three points of order, in order (1) Light (God) (2) Justice synonymous with virtue (Judicial process) (3) Rule of destiny (political process): Remove any point and you loose Liberty. America has lost its way, only We the People can guide her back.

And, so to that end we have built this web-site as we endeavor to assist others to share the same epiphany. Because with a very defined state of mind and plan, not unlike our founding fathers, we can re-found our Republic here in New York, and the other forty-nine will surely follow, I believe!


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Slavery by Consent