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 Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Proverbs 6:6




In 1796 George Washington, in his farewell address, warned us that through the course of time cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men would subvert the power of the people and seize for themselves the reins of government through private Associations. He went on to tell us that once they seized the reigns of power [the committeeman process], the parties that would arise would: (1) destroy the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion. (2) destroy the regular deliberation and action of the constituted authorities (3) open the door to foreign influence and corruption, thus the policy and the will of one country will be subjected to the policy and will of another (4) serve to organize division (5) ruin public liberty (6) stifle, control and repress (7) foment occasional riots & insurrection (8) kindle animosity of one part against another (9) put in the place of the delegated will of the nation, the will of the party elite (10) agitate the community with ill founded jealousies & false alarms (11) undermine the Constitution which could not be directly overthrown (12) distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration (13) drive the spirit of revenge (14) leads to despotism.  Washington concluded, “…parties are truly your worst enemy”.

The Gate Keeper - In 1911 Section 21 of the New York election law, which had helped protect our Republic from the ruination George Washington forewarned us about, was cleverly removed.  In effect a “gate keeper” clause, Section 21 stated:  “… No organization or association of citizens for the election of city [town] officers shall be deemed a political party…” (emphasis added).  This clause stood to deter the creation of private political associations, which is what the parties are in fact. After eradication of the gate keeper clause was accomplished, then by inserting election law Article 2,  the “sub-committee” was crafted to provide for the replacement entity - the town committeeman, which the usurpers entitled “Member of the County Committee”.

This non-constitutional legislation empowered "progressive" operatives to facilitate destruction of the elected committeemen, the “engine of freedom”, and seize the reigns of power through a somewhat simple change in the titles of their prey.  So it was that one hundred (100) years ago, "progressives" operatives in power at the various Board of Election (BOE) offices, working with operatives from both political parties or private associations, together expunged the true elected “Committeeman”; and, implemented the façade we have today, otherwise known as the Democrat and Republican parties. These progressives did indeed subvert the sovereign power of the People , and usurped to themselves the fundamental reins of government - the committeemen. They then destroyed the very engine, (elected committeemen) which had lifted them” to their “unjust dominion” over the people.  To this day these “progressive” continue to dominate both political parties.

Progressive legislators in collusion with collaborators at selected Boards of Election and power players in both political parties, it can be deduced, secretly orchestrated the creation of what in fact are private political party associations. This was indeed a direct but covert assault upon our Republic, and set the stage for the total perversion of the public office designed to be the closest to the will of the people. The assault placed the entire direction and controls of our country into the hands of a small cabal with deliberate intent on destroying the framework of our Constitutional Republic.

In order to pull off their Scheme, empowered by the insertion of election law Article 2, they needed to go unnoticed and undetected and accomplished three objectives, spread out over calculated periods of time:

  1. Change the titles from (the elected) “Committeeman” to (the nominated) “Member of the County Committee” at the primary elections. Since the controlling powers saw to preparing the necessary designating petitions for their prey, this was not a difficult exploit.
  2. Oscillate part of their power base by changing half the counties in the state to an odd year election. With this set-up, the newbie committeemen would always be met by a pre-existing, in place power structure.
  3. Create the necessary but “slanted-toward-rigged” party rules, implemented in pieces over time, to enable control of everyone under their reach.

The execution of these three things
accomplished the expunging of the true elected committeemen, so that today there is not one committeeman currently recognized at any Board of Elections (BOE) in New York or by any persons in the political parties.

How we will Take Back the Republic:

  1. Elect true committeemen in each county across New York state.
  2. With a ground swell of public support, win judgment against the State and County Boards of Election.
  3. Execute judgment upon each board of election guilty of disenfranchisement of our fundamental vote - the committeeman vote.


How we will fill New York’s 16,400 election district committeemen seats - Once the truth is revealed to the people, and catches fire in their minds, the current facade of “town committeeman” or “member of the county committee” cannot survive.  The revolution has reached a tipping point. We are in the midst of “a perfect storm”; and, depending upon which way the wind blows, our destiny will be determined - a version of a police state - fascism, Marxism, corporatism, statist, and so forth - or the restoration of our Republic.  The grass roots, liberty groups are organizing in all 3,141 counties across the 50 states and poised for a direction.  We will give them that direction by revealing the most powerful, cost-effective, peaceful solution to save the Republic, the peoples’ “reins of power”- the true, original committeemen of our founders and forefathers.

We have already primed the state by preparing four (4) to twelve (12) people in most of the counties in New York to become committeemen in recent and future elections, and will thereby take back the “reins of power” at the state level by exercising our power applying declaratory orders from a court of constitutional due process. Upon our success, we will immediately start pressuring the existing de facto politicians to obey the will of the people and take control of the 2012 election.