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Plan TO SAVE the republic

A Democratic solution under Our Republican form of government

Establishing the foundation.  A republic is rule by law and not men, and a constitution is that law. Our Constitution is founded under a declaration. The declaration is founded upon the principle that all men possess certain unalienable rights given to them by Nature’s God; and, therefore, any law or decree that is repugnant to natural law is null and void. Our Declaration of Independence may be applied upon any government or prince that is destructive of this foundational principal, and it further declares that it is our duty to “throw off” such a government.  In our view “throw off” means routing out the corruption that has systemically infected our government at the most fundamental level of the election process, the committeemen.

Identifying the contradiction.  The idea of a democrat party and a republican party with different agendas that assert as their main goal a government “by the people” is an oxymoron to the form of government our founders intended. Our founders realized that a limited democracy and a republic fused together would be the solution to man’s dilemma in his search for righteous self rule. So they created a republic founded on the mind of God and not the mind of men, and included a democratic form of representation by the consent of the governed.

Establishing the problem.  The phrase “representation by the consent of the governed” is the idea that should be emboldened in the people’s vision of our restored Republic.  Our founders’ genius or inspirational solution was legislative representatives, selected by popular vote, along with a fail-safe senate which gave each state a say in the legislative process (which the progressives dismantled in 1913 with the questionable 17th amendment). This was ingenious because all legislation required the approval of both houses.  So that if the people who controlled the house of representatives or  congress erred, the state as a whole, which controlled the Senate, could prevent the error.  If the state erred,  the people could prevent or correct error.  Of course executive veto or a court’s judgment also play a role.  This system resulted in a stalemate for bad or unconstitutional legislation that public debate was unable to resolve,  bad legislation was checked and the republic preserved from the damages of mob or dictator rule. Most important, as long as the people controlled the selection of the candidates by controlling the committeemen process, they had control of the reins to secure our Republic and truly have a government by their consent.

A government represented by the consent of the people is only possible if the people do choose their representatives, which is unlike the existing situation where just a few, dominant, unprincipled men, through unconstitutional private associations are manipulating which candidates are on the election ballot.  In response to George Washington’s farewell address in which he pointed out this problem, and  warned of legislative alterations that would undermine what cannot be directly overthrown, the legislators of his era wrote into election law a “gatekeeper clause”, which revealed the potential “Trojan horse” [private associations].

§ 21. No organization or association of citizens for the election of city [town or village] officers [town committeemen] shall be deemed a political party …


In 1911 New York Election law underwent major “progressive” legislative alterations, and the George Washington, gate keeper clause, Section 21 was struck from election law and Article 2, filled with “legalese”, was inserted to make way for creation of de facto town committeemen, who the parties then grafted onto their own private political associations.  Thus, our present condition is that these two, primarily private party associations look legal through non-constitutional legislation, which gave these same associations the illusion of power to choose our representatives without our consent. The whole current process is built upon systemic corruption.  The only candidates offered for the people to choose from are candidates who are already corrupted, in both parties.  The problem to be solved is to replace the private association candidates with true committeemen elected by “we the people” and then abolish the non-constitutional usurpers. This can be achieved by simply applying the law and exposing the “town committeemen” for what they truly are -- straw-men.

Legalese - the conventional language of legal forms, documents, etc., involving special vocabulary and formulations, often thought of as abstruse and incomprehensible to the layman. [Webster’s dictionary]

What is critical to understand is that no non-constitutional legislation parading as law can trump the natural duties inherent in the office of committeemen. none !  We can even look to  1909 New York  election law to see that the content of the statute did not contain a “drive” for party rules for committeemen. Committeemen being elected “only” by the people within their election district are answerable only to the people.  The natural duty of the committeeman is to fill vacancies in every political subdivision that lies in their election district, and no legislation can ultimately affect that.  No legislation can alter or tell committeemen how to perform their Constitutional Duty”.  none !  If legislation, statute, or code could, we wouldn’t be free men.

Election law Article 2 was carefully crafted through deliberate deployment of legalese to smoke, fog and confuse the people,  hide the office of “Committeeman,” and hatch the position of "town committeeman", a straw-man, which has been presumed over time to be the true elected “Committeeman”. Article 2 was also written to control the town committeeman strictly by party rules. (The video entitled “Meet Your Straw-man" might be helpful for insight -------->

The question that’s important to ask is “who does the controlling” ? The most visible controlling entity is the “executive committee” or the “county committee,” which are one and the same in usual practice. Their apparent mission has been to control town chairmen. Since the units of representation are broken down into towns, positions therein are already compartmentalized, and that further ensures the executive committee almost never looses control of a county. Furthermore, most town chairmen in most counties are appointed; and,  therefore if any rebel, they are simply removed.

The  Executive Committee is usually made up of four people: (1) chairman (2) vice- chairman (sometimes two or more) (3) secretary, and  (4) treasurer.  In some counties the chairmen of the several town committees are considered part of the executive committee. But make no mistake about it, the real decision maker for the county is the county chairman, who is submissive to the will of whomever is pulling his or her strings.  Nearly all these positions are filled by party rule.  Each county is different, and some even seem democratic, but the bottom line is that no one becomes a chairman at any level without an “anointing” from above.  The most important point about all these county committees is that none is composed of the true “Elected Committeemen”.

The State Committee leaders seem to be elected by the sixty-two (62} county chairman, but the reality is that the “fix is in” on who is a  candidate for these positions. On top of which the game is that the controlling powers usually don’t ultimately care which of the candidates win, because all of them will have been “pre-qualified” to do the will of those powers. Again the most important point about all these candidates is that none of them are the true “Elected Committeemen”.  The next question is “who controls the state committee” ? The answer is the national committee.  The last question is “who controls the national committee” ? The answer is the elite.

Now Enters the Law through the pretentious authority of legislation crafted by the “progressives”.  Election law Sections 2-102 and 2-104 allowed for the creation of town and state committees by corrupted committeemen sometime after 1911, and  Section 2-114 provided for the writing of rules for those committees. Section 2-104.3 provided for a town committee to be legally constituted if twenty-five (25) per cent (that’s right) of the committeemen required to be elected in a county have been elected. Section 2-114.2 permitted town committeemen to alter their party rules absent the presence of elected committeemen, when an indefinite quorum was met.  Section 2–106.3 made it possible for counties to primary for new town committeemen in odd years.  This created the opportunity for the oscillation of power in different county election districts to take place in alternate years, so that there would always be leadership already in place to meet the freshman town committeemen. After all this was achieved, it was now possible for the true “Elected Committeemen” to be phased out and the straw-man, town committeemen phased in to take their place. This exploit was accomplished in part by means of the party operatives taking charge of filling out the appropriate spaces on a candidate’s designating petition and simply replacing the title “Committeeman” with the title “Member of the County Committee”.  This whole system was phased in over time, perhaps decades, from county to county until the whole state was void of all truly “Elected Committeemen”, leaving virtually no memory of the experience of the way it was originally.

All this raises the question  why did they have to create such an elaborate scheme; why not just bring the committeemen into captivity through legislation alone”?  There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is that legislation created a context that made the subsequent actions of the operatives to subdue the committeeman process and control it seem lawful, while their actions were, in fact, non-constitutional.  Thereby followed the disenfranchising of “All the People” of  New York without the perpetrators incurring any liability whatsoever, that ended in the effective controlling of every election throughout the state.  If the operatives had directly seized and made captive the true “Elected Committeemen” that would have been treason!

Our Remedy in Law is already there. The people's candidates need only file their designating petitions to become elected committeemen; and, because the current “town committeemen,” and the rules by which they operate, were created under the authority of  the true “Elected Committeemen”, we may simply abolish their rules and dismiss the executive committees in all sixty-two (62) counties and then take control of the committeeman process.  Our Constitutions and natural law requires that the people choose their representatives, and no legislative power no matter how it is disguised to seem lawful, has any authority to legislate away, especially to private associations, the people’s authority. “none”!  Just like each man or woman’s vote, it belongs to the people, not the government.  Equally important, “We the people” alone are the ones responsible, and moreover have the duty, to oversee the counting of the vote.  Certainly the responsibility to count the vote does not lie with some private corporation or machines that can be covertly rigged.   So, the beginning of our plan is education and the execution of our plan is enforcement of the law.


Phase 1 - Take back Control of the Parties -

  • Enlighten liberty groups in all of  New York’s sixty-two (62) counties to the realities of the true, elected committeemen process.

  • Find one or more coordinators for each county.

·       The coordinators in each county have the mission of finding at least four to six people to run for committeeman in both parties. The reason for choosing four people per county, per party, is because that is the minimum number of "town" committeemen presently appointed to harness and control a county. Therefore, we should strive to match that number.  However, we can accomplish our objectives with a lesser number if we need to.

  • The coordinators in each county have the mission of finding at least four (4) to six (6) people to run for committeeman in both parties. The reason we have chosen four (4) for at least four (4) people per county, per party, is because that is the minimum number of elevated town committeemen to the executive committee which control the county that all counties are presently operating with; and,  therefore, we should strive to match that number.  However, we can accomplish our objectives with a lesser number if we need to.

  • If the county coordinators have access to large numbers of liberty minded people, they would do well to work to bring in as many constitutional candidates as possible.

  • We need to try and get at least one committeeman per party, per county. If we do not succeed at that, then, for the short term, that county will simply be ruled by people from an adjoining county.

  • The coordinators in each county will have the responsibility of making sure every candidate understands our plan and the process to become a committeeman.

  • Personalized support is available at anytime. Go to and click “Site Contact”.

  • Every county coordinator is responsible for getting, a copy of  the Republican party and Democrat party rules from their county board of elections; and, a copy of all Republican and Democrat designating petitions for committeeman for the most recent elections, typically 2010 - 2011. Mail a copy of these documents A.S.A.P. to:   New York Committeeman, 600 Violet Ave., Suite 107, Hyde Park 12538, New York.  You should request the documents in electronic form on a CD. The county board of elections should charge you no more than $10.00.  If they refuse or say they do not have it in electronic form, then insist that they put the refusal in writing and send a copy to the above address.

  • Visiting and communicating through our web site is imperative so that you can understand (1) the law, (2) how to become a committeeman (3) the plan to reconstitute the committeeman, and (4) how we will bring the existing party positions back under the control of “We the people” . Join >


Phase 2 - Court Decision simultaneous with phrase 1.

We seek the following judgment from the New York Supreme Court:

  1. Judgment order that the town positions entitled "Member of the County Committee" which were created by a County Committeeman through election law article 2, serves at the pleasure of the freely elected committeeman.
  2. Judgment order to deem lawfully elected all candidates who (1) duly filed designating petitions with the prima facia title "Committeeman"; and, that (2) went uncontested at the 2010 and 2011 annual primary elections.
  3. Order for immediate enforcement of the aforementioned (A) and (B) by warrants delivered to sheriffs in each county and served upon each county Boards of Elections.
  4. Reimbursement for all expenses incurred to bring this action, including court costs.


Once in Power

  • A statewide orientation meeting will be convened in Albany before January 2012.
  • The elected committee will need to call for a county wide meeting with all town committeemen in January 2012.  This resurrected committee of the people will proceed to dismiss all Article 2 created executive committees and will initiate new party rules. Members of the county committee will be notified that there has been a change of power and will be invited to attend our meetings under Article 2 status until the next election takes place.
  • We will need to fill vacant committeemen positions and we should focus in on filling them with liberty minded people first. We should remember that many of the town committeemen have been deceived, and when they understand what’s been going on, they will want to join us, so we must educate them.
  • Let everyone know that it will not be business as usual and that many of the old ways, such as party favors are criminal activities, that such actions will not be entertained; and, if found out, a criminal complaint will be filed with the appropriate BOE, that we will insist be filed with the respective county sheriff.
  • We will work to set up a foundation to offer courses to the general public, high schools and colleges throughout the state on (1) the committeeman process (2) the constitution (3) how to access the courts without a re-presentation, and  (4) the history of progressivism.
  • Proposed committeemen state and county rules will be perfected and voted on.


Some of the Constitutional restorations we want to start working on statewide, which are achievable in the first couple of years, if people in both parties are determined to save our Republic, are the following:

  • Legislative clarification on changing or joining a party, which should be easy and in short time.
  • Legislative striking of election law Article 2.
  • Legislative reinstatement of the 1909 George Washington, gate keeper clause Section 21, outlawing private associations from being deemed a political party.
  • Legislation to require the ballot process at the primary election for committeeman, even if he or she is running unopposed.
  • A return to many of the 1909 election laws that were struck.
  • Legislation to require hand counting of the vote, in public, presided over by the committeemen as prescribed in 1909 election law.
  • Legislation requiring the funding of sheriffs to come directly, and only from the county, or from the state.
  • A resolution affirming the sovereignty of the people and  New York state.
  • Legislation requiring the funding of the Constitutional militia to be under the authority of a Constitutional sheriff.